Serving more than 1,000 towns and cities in India.

DSR Company is capable of selling the most policies in LIC, we have been the corporate agent of LIC. We have sold 32 thousand policies, this is our customer base. DSR is one of the country's reputed FMCG Company which sells world-class consumer products. Our DSR products are covered by a 100 % Money Back Guarantee. If not completely satisfied with the product, the consumer can return it within 30 days for refund.

You are all welcome to DSR eANGEL. eANGEL This is a product of DSR Electronics and Financial Services (P)Ltd. These products have been served to our customers through keeping their mobiles safe from thieves and mobile hackers. We would like to thank our esteemed customers through this. eANGEL Application Customer can use his Smartphone till then he can secure his Smartphone. Customers will have to obtain a new license to secure a new handset when they buy it. One license will be used for one handset

Also we give free FMCG product promotion of ?.250/-plus of DSR company to our customers. So that our customers can use our products for life time. We provide 5 facilities to our customers when purchasing FMCG products.

1. Giving the product at a discount rate.

2.30 days money back guarantee.

3. Cash on Delivery facility.

4.Free Home Delivery on products above ₹.1000/-.

5. On every purchase, a separate discount is credited to the customer's wallet through a scratch card.

Friends, to refer / promote our eANGEL Mobile Secure application and FMCG products, you can start business by joining channel partner or IBD with us. You can take incentives with us in 4 ways.

1.eANGEL Mobile Secure License Selling incentive ₹.150/-

2.Refer channel partner eANGEL Application Selling Incentive ₹.50/-

3.Personal FMCG Products selling Incentive 12%

4.Refer Channel Partner FMCG product selling Incentive 5%

Friends, you can refer unlimited people for channel partner with us. This is just single referral incentive business model. Therefore, if your referral channel partner has referred someone, then you will not get any incentive for his selling.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity to the common man to do business while securing his mobile. In this business we do not take any deposit amount from any channel partner or IBD. All they have to do is buy 5 licenses for 2750/- and start their business.

We congratulate all of you on joining our mission.

This Is our Brand

1 eAngel Mobile Secure

2 One sip

3 Kitchens Tasty

4 Natural Fitness

5 Natural Feel

6 Angel Lifestyle

7 Ever Feel

8 Herbal Aroma