To the customers of DSR eANGEL, the company gives free FMCG products of Rs.250 /- plus for product promotion. So that the customers of Mobile Secure App can use our products to buy Quality products from the company at a reasonable rate for life time..

Customers of DSR eANGEL Mobile Secure App can Earn a lot of money every month by joining channel partner with us, referring our eANGEL Mobile app and company's FMCG products to their friends, neighbors &relatives.

DSR has created this app to keep customers' mobiles safe from thieves and hackers through eANGEL Mobile Secure. This app is to be purchased by the customer by paying Rs.700/-

  • 1. Intruder Alert :- Enable Intruder to capture the image of the person trying to unlock your phone 3 times with wrong PIN/Pattern/Password
  • 2. Female Safety :- If a women is feeling herself unsafe at some place, and she cannot call her family from there, at that she presses the power button 5 times from her mobile to show the front photo of her family members. And Address link will be send.
  • 3. Pocket Theft :- On the Pocket Theft Protection option. If anyone try to take your phone from your pocket then siren will start ringing.
  • 4. Charger Detection: - You have to connect your mobile for charging and on the Charger Protection option. If anyone disconnected your mobile then siren will start ringing.
  • 5. Clean RAM:- You can clean up RAM of your mobile.
  • 6. Family Tracker: - You can live check the location of 5 members of your family with their permission.
  • 7. Water Droplet Ejector: - If your mobile fall into water then you have ON WATER EJECTOR option. After that your mobile will get vibrated and also flash light will be on. Vibration will remove water droplets from your mobile and Flashlight will heat your mobile.
  • 8. Unlock History:- Through this feature, the number of times you unlock the lock of your app, it is known along with the date and time.
  • 9. Call Blocker:- Through this feature, you can block any unwanted number.
  • 10. Motion Detection:-
  • 11. Contact Backup:- You can save and share your contact and text messages in the PDF file.
  • 12. App Lock:-p can Lock only eAngel Application.

Satisfied customers of DSR eANGEL can start their business with us by becoming channel partner by following some rules.

Terms and Conditions:

  • 1.You must be above 18 years of age.
  • 2. You are not any of our employees, so you will not get any fixed salary here.
  • 3. You do not make any investment in this business with us, that's why you are not a partner of the company.
  • 4. Incentive will be given on your personal sale and mobile secure app of channel partner you have referred directly and sale of FMCG products of the company.
  • 5. Completion of KYC is mandatory for any channel partner to get their incentive on time.
  • 6. The channel partner will be deducted 5% TDS in the first week of every month and the balance amount will be deposited in your given bank account.
  • 7.Channel partner cannot promote or sell products by giving wrong information to any customer, while doing so, the company retains the right to terminate it if any channel partner is found.
  • 8. In order to promote eANGEL Mobile Secure App, the channel partner must obtain written permission from the company.
  • 9. It is necessary for every channel partner to follow the rules of the company.
  • 10. The company does not show any greed to any channel partner to start business, nor does he take any deposit amount.